February 22-24, 2019
Terry McGovern

Terry McGovern


Terry McGovern is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most versatile performers. He’s had all-around success in radio and television broadcasting, in commercials and voice-overs, in animation and CD-ROMs, and in feature movies and theatrical television.

He started his movie career working with George Lucas, providing voices for Lucas’ first film, THX1138, and later for Star Wars. While recording wild lines in post-production with sound wizard Ben Burtt, Terry was given those immortal words: “These are not the droids we’re looking for.”

In between, he played the young high school teacher in American Graffiti. “The thing that’s always amazed me is that nothing gets cut out of that movie. Watch it late at night. I always figure my scene’s going to get cut. But there it is. And the restored stuff is great: Harrison Ford singing, the Committee’s John Brent as the evangelical salesman. It really is a cult classic. I had two guys in their twenties come up to me at a bar a couple of years ago. ‘You’re Mr. Wolfe, right?’ ‘Guilty,’ says I. They then launched into the dialogue from the scene I’m in with Richard Dreyfus. Word for word!”

In 1992, Terry appeared as the nasty man who fires Robin Williams in the opening scene of Mrs. Doubtfire and as the needle-toting doctor in Nine Months. During a successful twelve years in Los Angeles, his television appearances included guest star roles on Fernwood 2-Night, Cagney and Lacey, St. Elsewhere, The Hogans, My Sister Sam, Happy Days, The Jeffersons, and Newhart, to name only a few. He was a season regular on the CBS series Charlie and Company, starring Flip Wilson and Gladys Knight.

Terry has worked on hundreds of commercials, on-camera and voice-over. In addition, he became a star animation voice, creating the voice of Launchpad McQuack for Walt Disney’s Ducktales and Darkwing Duck.

His stage roles range from Shakespeare to musical comedy; from Tennessee Williams to Neil Simon.Terry has provided voices for several new CD-ROM games. His list of credits include game and educational producers such as Lucasarts, X-Box, Sega, ASCII Entertainment, Accolade, and many others.

Terry McGovern teaches commercial and character voice, as well as scene and monologue acting at Voice One in San Francisco, and serves on the faculty of The University of San Francisco and The College of Marin.

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