February 22-24, 2019
Larry Houston

Larry Houston


Larry Houston is an Emmy nominated professional and Golden Reel Award Winner with over thirty years experience. He has contributed to the success of many exciting animated television series, working in the capacity of director and/or producer/director: Fox-TV’s X-Men: The Animated Series, Hanna Barbera’s The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, New World Pictures’ The Fantastic Four, MGM’s Robocop, NBC’s The Karate Kid, NBC’s Captain Planet, CBS’ The Care Bears TV series and direct-to-video movies.
Larry has written scripts and produced episodes for the G.I. Joe animated series and was a key director on the feature. He also created/directed the phenomenal G.I. Joe movie opening titles.
Stan Lee asked him to join his new Internet company, Stan Lee Media, as the Creative Director of his Internet animated original properties: The 7th Portal, The Accuser, and The Drifter.
To date, the greatest achievement of Larry’s career has been being the producer/director of the phenomenally successful animated series X-Men: The Animated Series. It was Fox TV’s number one rated animated show for five years, along with Batman, both second only to the phenomenal Saban hit, Power Rangers.
Bryan Singer, Marvel’s live-action X-Men movie director, has attributed, in his director’s commentary and interviews, the animated series as the basis upon which he built the live-action movie franchise.
Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight novels, has also attributed the animated series, not the comics, as part of her inspiration in creating the Twilight series.
The successful run of the animated TV series and the subsequent live-action movies laid the foundation for Marvel Studios to become the multi-billion dollar MCU powerhouse it is today.
As a storyboard director, Larry has also worked on: The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV shows, DIC’s Ghostbusters, Marvel’s Superhero Squad, TMS’ Mighty Orbots and The Bionic Six, Hero 108BratzGrowing Up Creepy, Disney’s Atlantis (direct-to-video), Disney’s Buzz Lightyear and Tailspin, Warner Bros’ SupermanBatmanLoonaticsStatic ShockThe Incredible Hulk, Dragonquest, HBO’s SpawnKid ‘n’ Play, Disney’s Randy Cunningham – 9th Grade Ninja, Marvel Productions’ Spiderman and His Amazing FriendsBigfoot and the Muscle Machines, Robotnix, Defenders of the EarthRobocopG.I. JoeJEMThe Transformers, Hanna-Barbera’s The Pirates of Dark WaterGaltarSuper-Powers/Galactic GuardiansVisionaries, Ruby-Spears’ Thundarr, Dragon’s LairMister TRubix’s CubePac-ManZorro: The Next GenerationLeapfrogLegend of the DragonMP4orcePsi-KidsBucky O’HareDenver the Last DinosaurJames Bond, Jr., Tarzan/Lone Ranger Hour.

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