Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell played Jadzia Dax on the first six seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She also played the mirror universe version of Jadzia in “Through the Looking Glass” and “Shattered Mirror”, as well as Honey Bare in “Our Man Bashir” and Darlene Kursky in the acclaimed episode “Far Beyond the Stars”. Her favorite episodes are “Far Beyond the Stars”, “Fascination”, “Playing God”, “Blood Oath”, “You Are Cordially Invited”, and “Change of Heart”.

She also provided the voice of Jadzia Dax in the video games Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Harbinger and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen.

In 2001, she had an asteroid named 26734 Terryfarrell after her by a DS9 fan.

Farrell was good friends with Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn and several other cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation before Deep Space Nine began. She was speaking to Sirtis when she got the call to go to Rick Berman’s office, where she was told that she had gotten the role of Jadzia Dax.

In 1984, she starred in the short-lived television series Paper Dolls with her future DS9 guest stars Richard Beymer and Geoffrey Blake. The series also featured Jonathan Frakes, and several episodes were helmed by TOS directors Leo Penn and Ralph Senensky. In 1992, she played Cat in the second pilot of the American version of Red Dwarf.

Among her film credits is 1986’s Back to School (which also featured Sally Kellerman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Robert Picardo).

After six seasons on DS9, Farrell was presented with the chance to join the Paramount sitcom Becker. Instead of renewing her original contract for DS9 for one more season, she left and joined the cast of Becker in 1998, where she stayed for four years playing the character of Reggie Costas.