Pensacon hosts a wide range of panels which need moderators.  These include ones featuring guests from film and TV, comic books, literature, cosplay, and the community.  A moderator’s job is to introduce the panelists in an entertaining and informative manner, and then keep the pace of the show rolling while either engaging with the panelists or facilitating questions from the audience. Submissions for moderators will close on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Please read thoroughly:

1) Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance as a Pensacon moderator.

2) Auditions will be required to become a moderator for any candidate who did not previously moderate panels for Pensacon.

3) All moderators will be required to attend scheduled training prior to Pensacon, regardless of past experience.  Failure to attend training will result in you being removed from our list of moderators.

4) Moderators will be placed on panels according to a number of factors, including but not limited to interests, availability, experience, aptitude, and number of moderators volunteering for Pensacon.  Pensacon will provide you with your schedule as soon as possible. Schedules are subject to change.  Be aware that you may be asked to cover a panel at the last minute, so flexibility is a necessity.

5) Moderators must be available at least two of the three days of Pensacon.

6) Moderators are expected to fully research their topics and panelists prior to Pensacon to be prepared as best as possible.  It is understood that moderators will be spending much time for preparation.

7) Pensacon will provide each moderator with a three-day VIP pass that can be used at any time when not moderating a panel.

8) Moderating duties may include (but not limited to) conducting question and answer sessions involving the audience; introducing celebrity moderators; making “housekeeping” announcements prior to and after panels; hosting special events; acting as stage manager for larger venues; and being responsible for a particular track of panels.

9) Moderators are expected to arrive at their scheduled panel venue 20 minutes early and greet panelists when they arrive to discuss the panel with them.  Follow the directions given during training.

10) Panels may be held at the Bay Center, Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola Little Theatre, Saenger Theatre, Rex Theatre, and other venues in downtown Pensacola. It is the responsibility of the moderators to arrange transportation to the venues as needed. Due to limitations of the venues, parking is not guaranteed. Pensacon staff will notify you of locations where you may park for free when applicable.

11) Any panel moderator who accepts a volunteer badge but does not fulfill the stated commitment to Pensacon will be responsible for the at-the-door price of a VIP Pensacon pass and will be banned from volunteering at any future show.

12) Pensacon reserves the right to relieve moderators of duty at any point during training or during the event if deemed necessary.

13) You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer to be a moderator.

14) Panel Moderators are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner that appropriately reflects Pensacon at all times and are expected to abide by the Pensacon Statement of Values. Inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of privileges and a ban on volunteering for future shows.



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