Pensacon welcomes members of the community to conduct discussion panels, workshops, and other events. Programming is scheduled by track with the following themes:

  • anime panels
  • artist panels
  • comic book panels
  • cosplay panels
  • production and performing arts panels
  • movies and TV show panels
  • prop and set building panels
  • science and technology panels
  • writing panels

Submissions for panels open on Monday, October 24, 2016 and close on Friday, December 23, 2016.  You will be notified no later than Friday, January 6, 2017 whether or not your panel has been accepted.

Please read the following rules thoroughly:

  1. This application does not guarantee acceptance into Pensacon. Due to limited space, the number of applications, and topics submitted, we may be unable to schedule all submissions.
  2. The person submitting this application will be considered the Responsible Individual for the panel and will act as signatory for any necessary paperwork; disseminate information to participants; act as point of contact between participants and Pensacon staff; pick up passes to deliver to participants; and ensure the proper equipment and technology necessary for the needs of the panel is provided by either participants or Pensacon. It is understood that the Responsible Individual will assemble panelists and moderators as necessary, and that Pensacon will not provide a moderator except for certain circumstances as approved by Pensacon staff.
  3. Pensacon will provide in each panel room a table with seating for six (6) panelists including a moderator; six (6) microphones with table top stands and one (1) microphone on a floor stand for audience questions; PA and speakers; either a large-screen HDTV or a projector and screen (Pensacon does not guarantee which piece of equipment will be in any of the panel rooms); and audience seating appropriate for each room. Panelists may be responsible for certain items, such as laptop computers, adapters and appropriate cables, dry erase markers, or items specific to your particular panel. Special items, such as dry erase boards, easels, or technology not previously stated must be requested no later than January 20, 2017. Pensacon reserves the right to deny requests for special items.
  4. Pensacon will do its best to schedule your panel according to your needs, such as avoiding conflicts with another panel or activity, but various factors may make it unable for us do to so. Scheduling of panels is at the discretion of Pensacon staff.
  5. All panels, unless otherwise noted, will be 45 minutes in length and a 30-minute transition period will be scheduled between panels unless circumstances dictate a longer time is necessary.
  6. Panelists and moderators are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the panel to set up and to arrive with all necessary supplies and equipment not provided by Pensacon.
  7. Posted panel schedule and venues are subject to change.  Pensacon will do its best to notify you of any changes as soon as possible.
  8. Each participant conducting either one or two panels or special activities will be provided with a day pass for access to Pensacon only for the day(s) scheduled and will receive only one wrist band per day.  Panelists conducting a minimum of three panels will be provided with a three-day pass regardless of which days the panels are scheduled. Each panelist will be responsible to pick up his or her own pass, unless otherwise pre-arranged. Passes will be available beginning Wednesday, February 15, 2017, time and location TBA. Packets not picked up on that date will be waiting at the Volunteer Check-in booth during convention hours. Bring a photo ID. Be sure passes are picked up in plenty of time prior to the panel starting so all panelists arrive on time. (NOTE: If you have another type of pass already, this wrist band does not replace that one.  Please claim your other pass.)
  9. Upon receipt of your day wrist band or three-day pass, you are expected to conduct your panel(s) as scheduled. Any panelist who accepts a volunteer badge but does not fulfill the stated commitment to Pensacon will be responsible for the at-the-door price of the Pensacon pass and will be banned from volunteering at any future show.
  10. Panelists must be 18 years old or older.
  11. Panels will be grouped together by theme or “track.”  Each track will take place at a specific venue, which may or may not include the Bay Center, Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola Little Theatre, and other locations around downtown Pensacola.
  12. Content of panels must be appropriate for a family audience.  Pensacon does not host panels intended for mature audiences.  Nudity, sexual content, and illegal activity (or the promotion of such) is not allowed.  If your panel involves strong language or depictions of violence and/or disturbing images (such as video clips or makeup effects), it is the responsibility of the panelists to warn the audience ahead of time.
  13. Unless otherwise arranged, Pensacon is looking for original content in its panels. If you have conducted a particular topic previously at Pensacon or any other conventions in the Gulf Coast region, we encourage you to be creative and develop new and exciting ideas for programming.
  14. Parking is provided free of charge for panelists at the Bay Center in the Volunteer Parking lot off of N 9th Ave. Space is limited and the lot may fill up, so it is suggested to arrive early. Parking at other venues is not guaranteed.
  15. Pensacon retains the right to refuse to schedule or to cancel a panel at any time.
  16. All panelists are expected to comply with Pensacon’s Statement of Values.
Application Submission

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All panel rooms will be equipped with six (6) microphones on tables for the moderator and panelists and one for audience questions, plus either a large-screen HDTV or a video projector and screen. If you have need for additional technology or equipment, please request it here (approval for request not guaranteed).

Each panel must have one moderator and up to five panelists. Please provide moderator and panelist information here.

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