Mike Malloy

Writer/director/actor Mike Malloy has dedicated his career to tough-guy and action cinema since getting a book deal at age 19 to write the biography of Spaghetti Western star Lee Van Cleef.

Malloy went on to develop some Western features — like the official Franco Nero Django sequel, Django Lives — and co-produce others, like The Scarlet Worm, featuring four Spaghetti Western veterans in the cast. (Mike also acted as a villain in the latter.)

He also has a strong association with gritty crime cinema, being the writer-director of the hit documentary Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films that Rules the ’70s, which won awards all along the festival circuit. Colleagues must sense he feels at home in the tough, mustached 1970s, as he gets cast in films like Hot Lead, Hard Fury and asked to co-produce funk soundtrack releases of movies like the 1977 hitman film The Perfect Killer.

With an encyclopedic knowledge of his film interests, Mike has ended up a talking head and host on Blu-Rays and DVDs for Shout Factory, 88 Films, Raro Video, RetroVision Entertainment, The Ecstasy of Films and others.

In order to concentrate on his true love of tough-guy cinema, Malloy has declined all offers to appear in horror films since his final entry into that genre, Hi-8: Horror Independent 8, the 2013 anthology film directed by shot-on-video pioneers.

He currently has a book contract to write David Carradine: The Lost Auteur and accepts occasional acting roles, as with Samurai Cop 2, when they fall in his lap.