Jayson Smith

Atlanta native Jayson Warner Smith is an actor in film, television, and theatre. He started in theatre at age nine and since that time, Jayson has been in a play a TV show or a film every year of his life. Performing mostly in theatre Jayson has amassed quite a resume of roles. In 2010, Jayson finally scored a larger supporting role in a Hollywood film; the 2011 remake of Footloose. This role marked the beginning of a new chapter in Jayson’s love of acting. Since then he has performed supporting and leading roles in films and TV shows such as Anchorman II, The Vampire Diaries, 99 Homes, Mississippi Grind, 42, and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

In addition to those credits, Jayson is best known for his portrayal of the horrifyingly despicable death-row serial killer Wendall Jelks on Sundance TV’s Rectify. This highly acclaimed show and Jayson’s recurring role have helped him move to the next level in the eyes of Hollywood’s story tellers, and in 2015 things really took off. Beginning in March of 2015, Jayson has performed major supporting roles in Devil, The Deep Blue Sea, Christine, The Birth of a Nation, and Mena. Most recently, Smith has portrayed high-ranking Savior Gavin in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Atlanta remains his home and he lives in Sandy Springs with his wife Lisa. Jayson teaches acting at The Robert Mello Studio in Atlanta.