Michael Bell

Michael Bell is an American actor, voice actor and voice director who is most active in voice over roles, known for his youthful voice. He has acted in video games and animated series, including Transformers, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Rugrats, and The Smurfs, and appeared on-screen in film and television, including the TV…


Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding is best known for playing the character of Naboo in The Mighty Boosh television series. He was born 1981 in Westminster, London, England and raised in Mitcham, Surrey. He is a comedian and actor. His brother Noel Fielding gave him an acting part in The Mighty Boosh, which proved to be his big…


Mike Baron

Mike Baron is the creator of Nexus and Badger, two independent superhero comics. His comic credits include Flash, Punisher, Deadman, and Star Wars. He has written for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Creem, Fusion, Isthmus, Boston Phoenix, Boston Globe, Oui, and numerous other publications. Mike Baron is the creator of Josh Pratt, a reformed motorcycle hoodlum…


Neil Ross

Neil Ross is an English-born American voice actor and announcer, now resident in the United States, working in Los Angeles. He has provided voices in many American cartoons, most notably Voltron, G.I. Joe and Transformers. He has also done voice work in numerous video games, including Mass Effect and Leisure Suit Larry 6 and 7. Ross has also provided voice roles (such as radio announcers) for many…


Patrick Breen

As a respected American supporting player in film, television, and theater who occasionally moonlights as a screenwriter, Patrick Breen first culled recognition in the American press in 1991. That spring, the then-30-year-old delivered a bravura performance as an emotionally damaged son in Jon Robin Baitz’s play The Substance of Fire. Breen hit his zenith as…


Paul Blake

Paul Blake is an English actor. He is most well known for portraying the iconic character Greedo in Star Wars.

He also had minor roles in Some of My Best Friends Are… and Hennessy, as well as some roles in television series such as Down to Earth and Crossroads.

Phillip Paley

Phillip Paley is an American actor possibly best recalled for his role as Cha-Ka in the 1974 American television series Land of the Lost. Born in Los Angeles, California, Paley began his acting career at age ten on the cult children’s TV series Land of the Lost. He was discovered for the role by becoming…


Ross Marquand

Ross Marquand received his BFA in Theatre from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles and quickly garnered attention in several film and television projects. Before Marquand’s breakout role on The Walking Dead, he portrayed screen legend Paul Newman on AMC’s Mad Men. Also an accomplished voice over actor,…