De-stress, Healing
We are pleased to announce that our guest Virginia Hey will be holding her well-loved and popular “De-stress, Healing” 90-minute guided meditation class at Pensacon 2018!

Location/Time: Sunday, February 25 at 9:00 am in Ballroom A at the Pensacola Grand Hotel.

More details about Virginia, the class, and tickets are below.

About the Class
“Sixty percent of doctor visits are the result of stress related conditions. Meditation will reduce blood pressure, stimulate immune function, train the mind, and reshape the brain to defuse stress.”
Time magazine August 2004

Everyone needs to de-stress from time to time!

In our busy world, quiet time to de-stress, heal and relax is vital for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. You can heal, relax, and feel more radiantly beautiful and peaceful through meditations designed by Virginia Hey, celebrity meditation teacher and devotee of health and well-being.

Virginia has formulated a very simple and deeply relaxing meditation using simple New Age visualisation techniques that take you on a little journey in your mind’s eye to a relaxing imaginary place where Virginia will guide you to do some self healing using her soothing words of guidance.

Virginia Hey’s meditations are for everyone any age. (Minimum 12, no max. Virginia herself is in her 60s.)

The meditations are guided by Virginia,  who speaks softly in a friendly, healing tone as you relax with your eyes closed, lying on the floor with your head resting on your bag or your hotel pillow.

Price: $50

Tickets: Tickets: Tickets will be available for purchase at Virginia’s signing table during the convention. You can also purchase in advance now by sending $50 to Virginia Hey’s PayPal account [email protected] marking the payment “Pensacon Meditation 2018”. Miss Hey will then send you an email confirming the payment.

Bring: A pillow and a warm jacket as you may feel chilled in the air conditioning.

About Virginia
Virginia Hey, devotee of health and well-being, is best known worldwide for her various acting roles on TV and film. Resume: However, throughout her life Virginia has also studied and pursued her passion for all things involving natural therapies and inner and outer beauty. She is a certified Reiki practitioner who tours the world making personal appearances and teaching meditation.

Miss Hey moved from Sydney to Los Angeles in 2002, but has made the UK her home since 2012. Miss Hey has her own signature range of exquisite perfumed products available through her Etsy online shop, WhiteFlowerLei.  White Flower Lei officially launched in 2002.