Dan Starkey

Dan Starkey has played various Sontaran roles in televised Doctor Who, as well as for audio dramas and the Doctor Who video game “The Gunpowder Plot”. He has also played other non-Sontaran characters for audio and televised Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. He is best known for playing Strax, an occasional associate of…


Sid Haig

Tall, bald and nearly always bearded, Sid Haig has provided hulking menace to many a low-budget exploitation film and high-priced action film. Sid Haig was born Sidney Eddie Mosesian in Fresno, California on July 14th 1939, a screaming ball of hair. His career was somewhat of an accident. Sid was growing so fast that he…


Tim Rose

Tim Rose is best known for playing the role of Admiral Ackbar, the supreme commander of all space forces for the Rebel Alliance, in the sequel Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983). In addition, Rose also puppeteered the characters of Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb in that film, and has been involved…